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  • Control your physical documents in from your Document Warehouse or even if your physical document is in a drawer

  • Track where your physical documents and box of documents all in one place

  • Ask new boxes from your warehouse and control where it is



All in one cloud or on-premises Contract Management, Case Management, and Process Management.

cannot find documents working remotely

have to recreate documents

use personal file-sharing software to share company data

do not re-use or take advantage of information coming from document and process management

This causes a huge loss of information and productivity, wasting time and money.

Go green
Go paperless

Nature provides us free lunch only if we know we are the only caretakers of this planet. Less paper, less deforestation. More trees to absorb carbon dioxide helping to slow down the global climate change.

Still not found what you are looking for?
We make new solutions for any size of your business.

Upload documents from any place

Recognizing and interpreting files with artificial intelligence

Precise and quick deliveries for your searches

Get full control over processes and contracts

Digitally sign documents wherever you are

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